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Contact: John Leslie

March and Rally on Saturday October 17 to End the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

It has become clear to America's progressive community, and we hope to convince the rest of America, that the US is trying to edge deeper into the Afghanistan quagmire by sending still more soldiers there to perform a mission of "nation-building," a mission that the US has not performed with any distinction since the beginning of the world-wide wave of anti-colonialist actions that began around six decades ago.
President Obama appears to be committed to withdrawing US troops from Iraq. We commend that and encourage him to "stay the course" on that policy.
There appear to be some moves towards getting US troops involved in fighting in Pakistan. We oppose that. The US needs to disengage and to not provoke any further hostilities.

The US has the resources to solve all of our outstanding domestic problems, but is using too many of those resources to fight needless wars and to satisfy corporate greed.

We are marching on October 17th. We will begin at City Hall at 11:00am and will proceed to Independence Mall. We plan to arrive at the Mall around noon. We have arranged for several speakers and have gotten many groups, both locally and out of the region, to endorse our action and to work with us on this.

Further updates and lists of endorsers are at:

We demand: