Attention Antiwar Activists! 
March and Rally on Saturday October 17 to End the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

Marissa Ashley's Photos - Jason's Oct 17 pictures

Jason's photos are posted on Facebook, but you don't need to be a Facebook member to see specific items like this

Photoessay on demonstration by Rich Gardner

Photos of demonstration by Joe Piette

Speakers at the demonstration

All out to end the wars

Press Release

B&W Flyer
What you can do:
  • sign up for our organizing email list and come to the next meeting.
  • endorse the demonstration and get your organization to endorse as well.
  • tell your friends about the October 17 march and rally.

contact us at:

Phone: 609.558.1869

We demand: 
  •      US Troops Out of Afghanistan, Iraq,  and Pakistan Now!
  •       Money for Jobs and Human needs, not for wars and corporate greed!
  •       End war crimes including torture, Prosecute the war criminals!
  •       End US Support for the Israeli Occupation of Palestine! End the siege of Gaza!
  •       US Hands off Iran, Latin America and North Korea!
  •       Self-determination for all oppressed peoples and nations.
  •       Abolish Nuclear Weapons
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Local endorsers: To add your name of organization contact Spreadsheet of National/Other region Endorsers of October 17 actions.